May 2021

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I’m excited to get the next book in the Silver City Cozy Mysteries series out this month! Signs of Foul Play is now available, and Kris continues her crime-solving efforts in this small New Mexico town. (Perhaps a little crime-causing in this one too? Strictly accidental, of course!)

In between book work, I’ve been getting out as often as possible to do some hiking and exploring. There are SO many cool things to do around here! Thousands of miles of hiking trails, loads of old mines, ghost towns, prehistoric petroglyphs, and more. It’s all super fascinating.

And of course, I keep seeing book ideas everywhere I turn! ?

Signs of Foul Play, A Silver City Cozy Mystery
The latest Silver City cozy mystery

The latest book projects

Here’s what’s going on now.

  • Book 2, Signs of Foul Play, is released now, and I’m just doing some final post-launch cleanup activities for it. Yay!! ? ? ?
  • Book 3, Death with a Silver Spoon is underway. I’ve got my list of suspects and the various secrets they’re all hiding, and I’m figuring out how to dispatch the victim and make sure the wrong person gets blamed. It’s a deliciously pretend-evil part of the process! ? ? I’m also going back and forth with the cover designer, so that’s getting close to ready.
  • Book 4 is at the concept stage. I’ve got a vague idea (and it does relate to the Silver City explorations I mentioned above), but I’m just letting that sit on the back burner to stew while I work on the Silver Spoon. I’ve got a few months before I have to get the title decided for the cover designer.

And all the rest…

  • I’ve decided to take a couple of weeks off next month for a bit of a road trip. As much as I love Silver City, I still get itchy feet! I’ll be working as I travel, but not keeping up the productivity level that I have when I’m totally heads down and focused. But I think a break will do me good, and I’ll be writing faster than ever when I get back! ? ?

Cheers from Silver City! ?

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