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The Vanishing Van Gogh, a cozy mystery by Dana Kilpatrick

See how it all began…

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It’s her first case…

… and he’s the most infuriating partner ever!

He swept her into this investigation, and now they’re hot on the trail.

A masterpiece went missing. The crime was never solved. In the rarefied world of priceless paintings and wealthy collectors, the mastermind got away scot-free.

Rafe pulled her into this.

That man takes crazy risks.

Kris knows she should get out now, before it’s too late. She’s inexperienced, out of her depth, and facing an impossible decision. And why won’t he tell her the truth for a change?

Her next step could change her life…

… or end it.

You’ll love this cozy mystery because spunky sleuths with provocative partners are so much fun.

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Latest Release

Death and the Silver Spoon - A Silver City cozy mystery by Dana Kilpatrick

Disasters! One after another!

Silver City’s hot new restaurant is under attack …

… and Kris goes undercover to investigate.

Returning to town hoping to rekindle romance, Kris gets sidetracked by the cafe’s calamities. People are saying the place is cursed — could it be? Kris is determined to find the truth, but in spite of her efforts, a woman soon lies dead.

While Rosa seeks ghostly possibilities …

… Kris pursues an earthly line of inquiry.

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Signs of Foul Play, by Dana Kilpatrick. Silver City Cozy Mystery #2

A crime wave is rocking the town … Could the stars be behind it?

Kris thinks horoscopes are to blame.

When she and Rosa discover their new astrology column is linked to a string of attacks, they know sun signs are the key, but the cops won’t believe it. The two hatch an ingenious plan to stop the villain. But when Kris becomes a target herself, she knows the killer is onto her.

Deadly Little Angel - Silver City cozy mystery #1

It’s just a little wooden angel … or is it?

Kris is sure it’s the key to a murder.

Thrilled by her new journalist gig, Kris’s first story blows up when a source turns up dead. Now she’s after the big scoop, even when her boss says to drop it. Aided by the most eligible bartender in town and a sidekick who talks to ghosts, she follows a trail to the past…