Signs of Foul Play, by Dana Kilpatrick. Silver City Cozy Mystery #2

Silver City Cozy Mysteries
Book 2

A crime wave is rocking the town . . .

. . . Could the stars be behind it?

Kris thinks horoscopes are to blame.

Her new gig with the Silver City Star is writing the astrology column with her friend Rosa. It’s not the big story Kris wants, but it’s a foot in the door with the local paper. Then the two make a shocking discovery — their column is linked to the string of attacks. Sun signs are the key, but the cops won’t believe it.

As vandalism escalates to arson and murder . . .

. . . Everyone wonders who will be next.

The police are on the wrong track, and Kris and Rosa are the only ones with the power to change things. Aided by a salsa-dancing bartender, they hatch an ingenious plan to stop the villain.

But when Kris becomes a target herself . . .

. . . She knows the murderer is onto her.

You’ll love this cozy mystery because the journey takes surprising turns, and belief in the stars is real.

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