Deadly Little Angel - Silver City cozy mystery #1

Silver City Cozy Mysteries
Book 1

It’s just a little wooden angel . . .

. . . or is it?

Kris is sure it’s the key to a murder.

Thrilled by her new journalist gig, Kris’s first story blows up when a source turns up dead. Now she’s after the big scoop, even when her boss says to drop it. Aided by the most eligible bartender in town and a sidekick who talks to ghosts, she follows a trail that leads to the past.

Is someone killing today . . .

. . . to hide a decades-old secret?

There’s a murderer on the streets of Silver City. Kris is in way over her head, but if she wants the story, she has to keep going. And if she doesn’t stop them, nobody will.

A horrific message makes one thing clear . . .

. . . Kris is next on the list.

You’ll love this cozy mystery because the past won’t stay buried, and enthusiastic reporters get into so much trouble.

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